I began trying to figure out how many online poker events take place in the world of real money online poker in a week, for example, but the sheer magnitude of the effort made me reconsider.

As players, we usually have little interest in the process that led to the game’s development and just care if it is fun to play. Someone, nevertheless, must decide on the tournament’s structure, blind levels, start time (and late registration period), guarantee (because not everyone wants to play solely Texas Hold ’em), and other crucial details.

It may be difficult enough to arrange this for a single event, much alone a whole series. The next PokerStars $75 Million SCOOP is a great example of the enormous challenge that tournament organizers confront. The sheer size of the numbers can be intimidating, and it raises the question of how to strike a balance that satisfies the wide variety of players, from complete amateurs to seasoned professionals with enormous bankrolls. Between May 7 and 31, 2018, SCOOP will host its 121st annual event, featuring 363 separate tournaments across 16 different poker formats and a total guaranteed prize pool of at least $75 million.

Despite the obvious logistical difficulties, PokerStars continues to conduct well-organized SCOOP events, in no small part because PokerStars’ Head of Poker Operations, Steve Clarricoats, is constantly refining his skills.

Clarricoats provides intriguing insight into the process of organizing such a big series in an interview with Poker in the Ears podcast producers James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton.

Some of the most pressing issues that must be resolved when creating the agenda and its components include the following.

Where should the tournaments be held, and why?
How to accommodate a wide variety of player preferences and requirements.
Because poker players come from all over the world, there are many different local times.
To what extent should this or that tournament be guaranteed?
Time Management Issues Riddle
It seems that research has a significant role in identifying critical components. This could, for instance, discuss the most well-liked game genres and format types. For a game to be included, it must be given an acceptable time slot, and the actual timings must be spread out so that players from all over the world may participate at a time that is convenient for them.

Guarantees need to be correctly leveled, as too large a guarantee threatens overlay, and as too small a promise may not attract enough runners, both of which are affected by the passage of time.

Even the season has a role, which is especially difficult to pin down considering how many shows are produced every year. Next is the range of buy-ins, with the overarching goal of finding a level that allows the great majority of players in the poker eco-system—the ‘fun’ players—to participate.

Naturally, it’s not always possible to satisfy everyone, especially when there are multiple groups of players with varying wants, needs, and ideals. Like everything else in life, putting up a good poker series demands striking a reasonable balance. When the new SCOOP season begins on May 7th, Clarricoats and his squad can expect another successful run if history is any indication.

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