Even new players know to rake with A-A and K-K before the flop. At micro-limits, you should always stay on that line. Regulators might switch from increasing the value of premium hands to using Flat Call for higher stakes.
In poker, a “Flat Call” is when your best hand matches your opponent’s best hand. On this page, you’ll find examples and tips for how to use the strategy with tables.
The Poker Game Meaning of the Word “Flat Call”
Flat Call is a way to even the odds before the flop when you have a hand that is usually better for a raid. Flat Call means “flat response,” and the muv is a type of sloppy play in which the player lies about the strength of his or her pocket cards.
Expert players only use the Call button when they have a pair of queens or higher, but newer players will press it with any two cards.
Bet Calling Etiquette
In poker, a flat call is a complicated move that should be done with care. When deciding whether or not to flop, it’s important to think about both the current hand and what has happened in previous hands.
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Playing passively in the preflop with the best hand is a good idea when there is a chance that a bust will force opponents out of the hand. This makes the flat call a trap for opponents. This move gives each player the worst hand in the hand, hoping that players will continue to bet on the preflop or other streets, giving the contestant equity.
But the muv doesn’t work at low-limit and micro-limit tables, where there are a lot of new players who are willing to call big raises with almost any card and drag weak hands to showdown.
What the player should pay attention to
When deciding whether to play aggressively or not with high-value cards, there are a few things to think about:
Weak cards can help you beat poker players who are too loose, and a hand may be called a flop if your opponents are bidding with the lowest cards, like Q-Q, K-K, A-A, or A-K.
Most of the time, you can call with weak hands, but you can’t flip, so it’s important to think about your opponent’s range before you decide.
Since most raises late in a tournament mean that a player wants to put all of their chips on the table, the stack-move is often used at this point.
If your opponent usually folds to a 3-bet, you should call to add more chips to the pot. If, on the other hand, they are willing to pay anything to see the flip, you might want to raise instead of calling.
In a multipot, top hands lose a lot of equity on the flop, so if you want to play passively and keep your advantage, you need to make sure the next street is heads-up. If you have a lot of opponents, you should try to get as much money into the pot before the flop as you can.
Players who like to squeeze from late positions and blinds may lose with this strategy, since a flat in front of them is sometimes better than a 3-bet on the Welsh.
In addition to the other rules, it is important to find a balance in the game so that your cards are less obvious to your opponents. A strong opponent might start to use frequent flats against you.
Game Scenarios, to Give an Example
Using a player’s tendency to make a wide range of opening bets and multiple continuation bets could lead to big profits.

If your opponent often raises from the small blind but often folds when you reraise and often calls your bets on the flop and turn, it makes sense to play passively. In this situation, if you 3-bet, you will only win the amount of the open-raise and the big blind.
The flush is also often used to set an opponent up for a squeeze. Here, the BTN player has been dealt AA, the CO is making a raid, and the BB is a poker player who tends to squeeze.

You can call or raise squeeze, but it’s important to avoid multipot on the turn. A 3-bet can get rid of both of your opponents, while calling would make the big blind raise. In this case, the best outcome will come from the last choice.

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