Recently, at the annual World Poker Awards, Hustler Casino Live was recognized as the greatest live poker stream of the year, winning the “Favorite Live Stream” title.

Although the high-stakes broadcast at HCL has been all anybody can talk about lately, a lot of popular YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and TikTok stars got together for a friendly “Creative Poker Night” on Thursday night.

Hoodie Allen, an American rapper and singer, and Alexandra Botez, a prominent chess streamer, emerged victorious from a tournament with blinds of $10/$25 and buy-ins of $2,000 to $10,000.

Botez, who has showed tremendous skill throughout the series, has now won four times in a row. In episode 185, the stakes were much higher, as Botez defeated the likes of Phil Hellmuth and Alan Keating to earn $456,900.

On the other side, Hoodie Allen won for the second time in as many episodes thanks to his overwhelming performance against a field of primarily amateur competitors.

At HCL, Botez’s Dominance Remains Unchallenged
Young Canadian-American chess player and Twitch broadcaster Alexandra Botez, who has just lately entered the world of poker, was undoubtedly the night’s biggest story.

Unlike many other players who have played on the program, she is still unbeaten in televised cash games after Thursday’s $20,405 victory at HCL.

Botez rose to prominence in the poker world when she won over $500,000 against a field that featured 16-time WSOP winner Phil Hellmuth in May of last year.

Even though the table was full with famous faces from the worlds of television and the internet, including Mr. Beast, Alexandra was able to prevail.

Botez also contributed to the stream’s smooth operation by hosting pre-match interviews with many of the celebrity players, most of whom are friends or acquaintances of the chess prodigy.

Despite the fact that Alexandra still believes herself to be a poker rookie, her early successes suggest that the competence she honed while playing at a high level of chess might readily transfer to the green felt if she chooses to put in the necessary amount of practice.

I was able to make a profit of about $20,000! The table was a lot of fun, and the tiktokers performed beyond my low expectations.

March 24, 2023 — Alexandra Botez (@alexandrabotez)

Hoodie Allen wins the most, while Mikki and Phora take the biggest loss.
Rapper Hoodie Allen, from Long Island, made headlines when he won $36,585 and dominated the game throughout the livestream.

Phora and Mikki, two characters we’ve seen on HCL previously and whose financials are still in the negative, provided the most of Hoodie Allen and Alexandra Botez’s income.

In the past, Mikki has been one of the highlights of HCL’s higher-stakes events, dumping almost $600,000 in just two days last August.

Obviously, last night went well.

A whopping $36,000 more @HCLPokerShow

March 24, 2023 — Hoodie Allen (@HoodieAllen)

Phora, a rapper from California, has made many appearances on the program and has lost a total of $60k over the course of those four performances.

These two were the most aggressive and had the highest VPIP at the table on Thursday night, yet they still managed to lose $55,000 in the end.

Please continue to have Creator Poker Nights.
There is no disputing that Creator Poker Nights have been some of the most thrilling and enjoyable to watch to date, even in light of the wild activity we have seen on some of the other HCL streams in recent months.

Personalities and charisma of the actors make the programs immensely entertaining to watch, and the combination of purely recreational makers and a small number of those learning the ropes of the game creates circumstances we could never expect to see in more serious games.

In addition to attracting thousands of new viewers to poker broadcasts, Creative Poker Nights are also marketing the game in ways that weren’t possible before.

With any hope, HCL will continue to host Creator Poker Night in the future months, giving amateur poker players like Alexandra Botez, Barstool Nate, and Hoodie Allen plenty of opportunities to compete against one other and professional poker players on national television.


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